About Us

Exact Valve Solutions offers a comprehensive portfolio of equipment and services
We will custom-engineer a solution to fit your application and demands.

Our goal is to provide you with package equipment and personnel solutions that that improve profitability, enhance operation efficiency and deliver results.

We focus on each customer success by involving every level of management on each facet of our operations. When you have challenges, we have results.


Equipment and Services for Coil, Frac and Workover operations


Downhole Motors, Agitators, Extended Reach, Bits, Fishing Tools

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Coil Tubing Stacks

Valve, Wireline Adapters, Flowcrosses, Stack Scaffolds

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Mixing Plants

Chemicals, Transfer Pumps, Filter Pods, Agitators

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Hydraulic Chokes

Plug Catchers, Integral Iron, Gas Busters, Restraints

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Frac Stacks

Valves, Goatheads, Flowcrosses, Zipper Manifolds

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Blind Shears, Bird Baths, Slip Rams, Punch Rams, Annulars

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Torque & Test

Barton Charts, Torque Wrenches, Torque Pumps, Test Plugs

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Plug Catchers, Gas Busters, Restraints, Integral Iron

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Zipper Manifolds

Quick Rig Zipper Manifolds configurable for up to 8 wells.

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Hydraulic Catwalk

Skid Mounted and Trailer Mounted Hydraulic Catwalks

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Plug Catchers

Dual Barrel, Mesh Screens, Manifolds, Restraints, Integral Iron

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Friction Reducer, Gel, Pipe on Pipe, Beads, Biocide, Graphite

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Stack Scaffolds

Adjustable Safety work platforms for Frac and Coil Stacks

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Punch Rams

BOP Rams for relieving trapped pressure from tubing strings

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Blind Shears

Blind Shears with Boosters to shear and seal off tubing strings

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