Mixing Plants

Product Description

Our Mixing Plants are engineered to handle any job possible. We custom engineered our plants to be able to mix the biggest sweeps our customers need and be able to supply high pressure pumps at any pump rate with a lot of boost.

Our Coil Tubing Mixing Plants all have 2 on board mixing tanks. One tank is a dedicated sweep tank with barrel markers and an agitator. The agitator along with venturi jets are excellent at mixing anything from course gel slurry to quick hydrating polymer gel. The front tank is a slickwater tank which is designed to quickly mix and hydrate friction reducer, pipe on pipe and other chemicals to condition fluid inline with the high pressure pump.

We have a carefully selected chemical portfolio to handle tough water situations like high TDS, high iron content or other issues that come from using produced water. We also have chemicals that are much more economical in low pressure and fresh water applications. We can test your water and select a chemical plan to suit your needs.

Product Info

  • Sizes change
  • Pressure Ratings change
  • Certifications change

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