Product Description

We have Flowback equipment to service Coil, Frac and Snubbing operations. We have 2 1/16" and 3 1/16" Choke Manifolds in 5 valve and 9 valve configurations. All of our manifolds have a third outlet, commonly called a panic line.

Our operators come with the expertise and training to make sure that return flow rates are constant and predictable. We also believe in using positive choke beans when possible to eliminate costly repairs from washing out more expensive choke gates and seats.

We also have a full portfolio of support equipment including Plug Catchers, Restraints, Blocks, Thru-Tubing and more. Please contact us for more information

Support Equipment
  • Plug Catchers
  • Restraints
  • Thru-Tubing
  • Stacks
  • Blowout Preventors
  • Hydraulic Catwalks
  • Mixing Plants
  • Chemicals

Product Info

  • Sizes change
  • Pressure Ratings change
  • Certifications change

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