Frac Stacks

Product Description

Frac Stacks are our core product line for Frac support services. Our sales and service personnel can provide equipment to meet any configuration and we can also help design a configuration to meet your needs.

Our personnel are highly trained to follow procedures for safety and efficiency for frac operations including flowback for screenouts and greasing operations. Proper greasing is critical in preventing NPT.

Our inventory includes Ball Screw Operated manual valves with balance stems and also Hydraulic Gate valves. We have wing valves from 2 1/16" to 4 1/16" and we can fit flowcrosses with different size valves on both sides of the cross. We have 60 degree Goat Heads and also 90 degree crosses. We also carry Frac Stack Scaffolds.

Product Info

  • Sizes 2 1/16" to 7 1/16"
  • Pressure Ratings 2M to 15M
  • Certifications API 6A, 6A-R, and 16A

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We offer a comprehensive portfolio of support equipment and services for fracking operations